About the Brand

The Name

Since beginning of mankind, battle experience has been the ultimate test of courage. Among many cultures, it was the final step in the initial rite to become a true warrior.

The medieval knights introduced themselves with names, titles and place of birth. If experienced in combat, the knight could also declare that he was Proven in Battle, probably something considered more impressive than name, rank or whereabouts...


The Logo

The ancient helmet is according to heraldy rules looking towards right (seen from the carrier's point of view), which symbolises bravery. Consequently, anything looking or moving towards left on e.g. a weapon shield represents cowardness. Just check your own unit's patch. If it wears an animal or creature of any kind, it's probably looking straightforward or to the right. 


The Design

Design is an interesting thing. Personally, I‘m a sucker for the military prints and patches typical for the late sixties and early seventies, which have a rough, not too advanced design compared to what you can find today. Others prefer the “Old School” navy style from the fifties or the design typical for WW2. Whatever you prefer, we can at least ensure that our design will follow the basic heraldy rules used by the armed forces all over the world.

Produced by Mild Media
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