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Tocumen Airport, Panama, End of February 2015

The task of securing Tocumen International Airport during Operation Just Cause in 1989, was given to the 75th Ranger Regiment. The air assult was a great success and besides securing Tocumen Airport, the Rio Hato Airfield and General Noriega's beach house were simultaneously secured by the 75th.



Al Dhafra Air Base, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Mid-February 2015

The Al Dhafra Air Base  is operated by the United Arab Emirates Air Force, but also U.S. and French Air Forces have a number of aircrafts based here, among others the legendary Lockheed U-2, used for intelligence gathering.



Paris, France, Beginning of February 2015

Some 10 000 additional troops and policemen are patrolling the streets of Paris after the Charlie Hedbo shooting in January.



Karnataka Province, India, November 2014

Green Mamba snakes and Mosquitoes in a terrain that makes Cambodia look like Kansas...

Fortunately, we were in the western part of the Province, where Malaria is rarely occurring.



Scandinavia, September 2014

Moving into position for a night-assult. Night vision goggles already attached to helmets.



Alhambra, Spain, July 2014

This combined fortress and palace in Granada was kept by the Moors until 1492, when it was conquered by the Catholic Monarcs, Isabella I and Ferdinand II.




Santiago de Chile, Chile, End of June 2014

The presidential palace of Chile, La Moneda, where Salvadore Allende took his life during the coup d'état on September 11, 1973 with an AK-47 he'd been given as a gift from Fidel Castro. CIA was involved in multiple plots to remove Allende, supporting the military junta that grabbed the power in 1973. The intention was to open up for free elections, but the Commander in Chief, Augusto Pinochet, appointed himself President and was dictator of Chile until 1990.

The Carabineros de Chile, are the uniformed police of Chile. They are considered to be part of the armed forces and their mission is to "maintain order and create respect for the laws". The Carabineros are considered to be tough but fair.

Below, the Carabineros are taking precautions for a demonstration at La Moneda.



Lisbon, Portugal, Beginning of June 2014

The Guarda Nacional Republicana, GNR, is the Gendarmerie of Portugal. Although responsible for law enforcement on the countryside and in small towns, they are soldiers subject to military laws and organisation. This guard stands in front of the GNR headquarters, located at Largo do Carmo in Lisbon.



Scandinavia, April 2014

Marching on to the final day's live ammo shootings...

Objective: Take out an enemy radio tower.



Bogotá, Colombia, February 2014

It feels strange to be 2000m above sea level, knowing that you have jumped out of a plane on altitudes much lower than this...



Sao Paulo-, Espirito Santo- and Bahia States, Brazil, Beginning of February 2014

Mess with the Polícia Militar do Estado de São Paoulo....


...and you might end up here. Prisoner transport at an outdoor temperature of 38 ºC (100.4ºF) in the shade. Four transports escorted by four patrol cars.



Goa, India, Beginning of January 2014

Sometimes the job brings you to interesting places...Goa is the home of the 2. Signal Training Centre. Quite nice surroundings when off-duty.


At the sea, you'll find Fort Aguada, constructed by the Portuguese in 1613.



Copenhagen, Denmark, End of November 2013

When visiting Copenhagen, the Royal Life Guards were marching by in their blue uniforms and bearskins. Crown Prince Frederik served in this regiment during his military training. The regiment was founded in 1658. The Danish flag, Dannebrog, is the world's oldest flag still used by an existing country, supposed to have fallen from the skies during the battle of Lyndanisse, current Estonia, in 1219.



London, UK, Mid-November 2013

The Imperial War Museum is still under restoration, preparing for the 2014 WW1 Cenentary, but you can still visit some of the exhibitions. The Holocaust Exhibition is strongly recommended...



Delhi, India, October 2013

The security level in Delhi is always high. The Cars are checked for explosive devices when entering hotels and there are checkpoints almost every km in the City Centre.

Delhi is the home of Rajputana Rifles, founded in 1775. Motto: "The Brave Shall Inherit the Earth".


The regiment has been invoved in many conflicts during its long history, e.g. in WW1, WW2 and against Pakistan. It has also been participating in UN missions during the fifties and the sixties.


Scandinavia, Early September 2013

There are few things that beat the feeling of entering an airfield at dawn, knowing that you will take a ride with a bird...


...this time with Blackhawks.



Tuscany, Italy, Mid-July 2013

On the way from the Riviera to Florence, we saw a perfect airdrop with 8 parachutes opening on a clear blue sky, most probably the Italian Folgore Parachute Brigade. (Folgore is Italian for Lightning). Folgore, founded in 1963, have been serving in every major conflict since the eighties.



Basra, Iraq, End of May 2013

When landing at Basra Airport, you can still see the concrete barriers from the former British Camp. In almost every corner there is military or police present. At airport security, they only asked me, nobody else, for knives, mags or gps in the luggage. Strange...:-)




Saint Petersburg, Russia, March 2013

In this impressive city, the military presence is always high. Saint Petersburg houses the headquarters for the Western Military District. The Russians have an ambitious target to reshape their military forces by replacing 70% of the military equipment until 2020. Exercise frequency has increased dramatically since 2008 with focus on rapid, joint operations.

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