The Making of a T-Shirt

The making of a T-shirt is easy – right? You’d be surprised how many obstacles there have been before being able to present the T-shirts of Proven in Battle.

We have walked many miles before you can have it.

There are things such as: Registration of the company, Registration of the Trade Mark, finding excellent designers, finding a supplier of high quality shirts, finding somebody who can do excellent prints, finding a supplier of TAGs, finding a supplier of Hang-TAGs, making a web-site, etc...

For most of these steps, there have been challenges, but most of them were related to the printings. There have been suppliers providing shirts with offset prints, prints on the seams, prints that were removed after only one wash and prints on the wrong T-shirt model, even for small series.

However, now we have a supply chain that seems to be working:


1 Inspecting the T-shirt

First of all, the T-shirt is inspected to ensure that there are no variations in color, that the fabric doesn’t contain any splices and that the seams are OK.


2 Washing the T-shirt

The T-shirt is washed with a non-allergenic detergent. The reason for washing is that it should be pre-shrunk before printing.


3 Printing the T-shirt

We have chosen transfer print as we found the screen didn’t give the contrast between shirt and print that we were looking for. Here, it’s important that the print is positioned exactly at the right place. A wrongly positioned print is not funny.

Checking the print.


4 Tagging the T-shirt

Check the TAG for some good advice...


5 Attaching the Hang Tag

It's like putting a medal on somebody's chest...


6 Storing the T-shirt

The shirts are stored in a dry, dark place.


7 Packing and sending the T-shirt

After receiving your order, we are packing the shirt in a bag that is especially deigned for containing clothing. After packing the shirt we'll send it to you.

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